The Oaks Mall

6419 W Newberry Rd Gainesville, Fl 



Join us at The Oaks Mall 6419 W Newberry Rd. Gainesville, Florida during the first weekend of February 2020 for the inaugural Know How Expo. This may be the first time we are opening our doors to you, the public, but it is certainly not the first time us Home On Wheel enthusiasts have gathered together.


This is our third annual official meet up, not to mention all of the impromptu gatherings we do regularly. All of which were only open to HOW owners.

After years of getting together to share insider secrets and help one another, our community expanding each time, we have decided it is time to open our doors. Instead of waiting for those who are interested to come join us after they’ve gotten their HOW, we are trying to help them along every stage of their journey.


What kind of help is it to learn that you should have done something differently AFTER you’ve done it? Not as much help as it would have been in the beginning of buying and building your conversion. The overall vibe of this gathering is educational, therefore we will be hosting many workshops and presentations throughout the weekend.  These programs have been developed by H.O.W. owners specifically to answer your most heavily asked questions.


We know what those questions are because everyone here at Know H.O.W.  has been asked them over and over again; “What vehicle should I buy? Why not just get an RV? How do I insure and register it? Do I insulate the floor and windows? How much solar will I need? Where will I park while I build or when I move in? How can I make money on the road?” Every one of us has had to find the answer to those questions ourselves and now we want to share our knowledge with you.


Whether you really want to build a tiny home on wheels or you’re just curious, pack a lunch and come spend the day exploring unique homes and learning how other people live their lives. Or leave the lunch at home and hit up one of the many food and beverage vendors that will be here too. Either way be sure not to miss one of the most interesting and progressive gatherings you’ll ever be a part of.

We reserve the right to refuse or remove any person coming to the event or any display or printed material that could be seen as offensive or create a hostile environment.  This includes but is not limited to items or speech pertaining to politics, religion or any other matter.